Incredible Train Station Water Vistas

views of the water from japan trains

umi shibaura station - yokohama

Ocean view train: Umi shibaura station
This station is part of the Tsurumi Line, which runs along a small part of Yokohama City. This station only has one platform, and it opens up directly onto the water! Standing on the platform of Umi Shibaura Station will give you a beautiful view of Tokyo Bay.

okuoikojo station - shizuoka

The station middle of the lake: Okuoikojo station
This fairly recent station opened in 1990 with a creation of a new reservoir and dam. Okuoikojo Station is located on a cliff and extends onto a bridge overlooking the reservoir.

hozukyo station

The station on the blidge : Hozukyo station
Hozukyo Station is located on the western outskirts of Kyoto, just past the famous Arashiyama district. This station has beautiful views of the same river that you can see on the Sagano Scenic Railway!

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