Osaka Station City

A major hub for travel in Osaka

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The massive Osaka Station, newly renovated and reopened in 2012, is a major hub for travel in Osaka. We've created a simple guide to help you navigate the station as you travel with your Japan Rail Pass or Kansai Regional Pass.


JR Osaka Station
Depending on what train line you take, you may see signs for both Osaka Station (or just "Osaka") and Umeda Station. These are both the same area, albeit a very large area.

Osaka Station: JR
This station connects to the JR Osaka Loop line, JR Kobe line, and JR Kyoto line. This station will connect you to all of Kansai!

Umeda Station: Hankyu and Hanshin Railway 
are two private railway companies that connect Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe.

Umeda Subway

Umeda Station, Hankyu line, subway line
Umeda is also the name of the Osaka city subway station, so if you're heading to Osaka JR Station on the subway, take the train to Umeda! You can take the Midosuji line to Umeda, or the Tanimachi line to Higashi-Umeda (east Umeda), and the Yotsubashi Line to Nishi-Umeda (west Umeda).

Osaka and shin-osaka

JR Osaka station
Osaka Station is JR's big station, but it does not include the shinkansen. If you are using your Japan Rail Pass to ride the bullet train, be sure to go to the station Shin-Osaka. There is an express train (both the Kyoto Line Rapid Service and Special Rapid Service) connecting Osaka and Shin-Osaka stations, with only one stop between them, so it will be a very quick journey!

shopping in osaka station city

Outside JR Osaka station
Station City got its name from the brand new shopping and entertainment areas popping up all around the station. Here are some of the places you can find:

Grand Front Osaka: a new, beautiful curving building that opened in 2013 and feature everything from fashion to fine dining and flashy shops for big-name tech companies showing off their latest wares.

Yodobashi Camera: a giant electronics store with every kind of gadget, computer, and home good you can imagine.

Lucua: a 7-story mall connected to the station with youth brands.

Department Stores: the Hanshin Department Store is connected to Osaka Station.
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