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namba station

Namba is one of Osaka’s most famous neighborhoods. Located right in the heart of the city, Namba is pulsing with life day and night and is one of the great places to stay in Osaka. However, the nearby train stations can be a little confusing, because there are so many ! Here’s a brief run-down of all the transportation you have from this area.
Namba Station has Midosuji and Sennichimae, Yotsubashi subway lines. In the subway, all lines are connected, so you can transfer subway lines without purchasing a new ticket.These subway lines are very useful. You can go to Osaka Station and Honmachi, Nippombashi and Tsuruhashi (Koreatown).
Nankai Namba Station is a few minutes’ walk from the subway station. It connects Osaka with Wakayama Prefecture, including Mt. Koya. It also is the best train to take from Kansai Airport to Osaka city center.
Osaka Namba Station is the station shared by the Kintetsu and Hanshin Railways, also in the vicinity of the other Namba stations. With Kintetsu, you can go all the way to Nagoya or Ise Shrine. The Kintetsu Nara Express will take you from Namba to Nara in just 40 minutes! The Kintetsu also goes to Kyoto, but please note that it is note possible to go directly from Namba to Kyoto on the Kintetsu Line, you have to change in Nara! The Hanshin Railways goes in the opposite direction, towards Kobe and the Hanshin Tigers baseball stadium.
JR Namba exit is the last train station in Namba. It’s a little separated from the other Namba Stations, so please note that if you are transferring, you will need to walk about 10 minutes. This JR Line connect southern Osaka with Nara. From JR Namba Station, there are also limousine buses to take you to Kansai and Itami Airports.

If you are staying in Namba and would like to make the best use of your Japan Rail Pass, you can take the JR from Namba Station for one stop and change to the Osaka Loop Line at the next station, Imamiya. This is a great way to get around greater Osaka while you’re sightseeing!

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