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kyoto Train museum

Umekoji Park, just a few minutes away from Kyoto Station, is home to a growing number of museums and other family attractions. Near the Kyoto aquarium and just next door to the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum, in spring 2016 a brand new three-story museum opened, focusing on Japanese trains!

This new building house real trains, models that were groundbreaking for their time.

You can take an upclose look at the first model of shinkansen and at a 500 series shinkansen bullet train (the first to travel more than 300 kph).

To learn more about the history of the shinkansen, click here.
You will also find other famous Japan train : 

-  an orange Osaka Loop Line Train
-  a Twilight Express trains which was one the most famous overnight trains between Osaka and Sapporo.
- the train "La malle de bois" riding between Okayama and Uno.
- the Anpanman train riding between Okayama and Matsushima

Two station buildings were rebuilt.

Umekoji Park is very close to Kyoto Station and the many railroad tracks that connect to it. From the  third floor, you can enjoy a beautiful view on the city and watch the in-service trains come and go.

You can even buy a bento and enjoy it in the dedicated train ! 

What’s more, a new JR train station just next to the museum is under construction.

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