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Electronic, MANGA, figurines and maid cafe  

About the station
One famous Akihabara cafe
Akihabara Station is often the gateway to the neighborhood of the same name known for its electronic, anime,manga, figurine stores and maid cafe.
In HEIGHTThe building of the station is all in height because the Yamanote line and the Chuo Sobu line intersect above the main hall in a perpendicular way. On the first floor are the Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku platforms  (Ueno, Omiya, Yokohama)  and the Chuo Sobu (Shinjuku, Funabashi and Chiba) platforms with a "Local" service train are on the second floor. In the basement, the station is the terminus of the Tsukuba Express line (for Chiba, Saitama, Chiyoda, Tsukuba).
One famous Akihabara cafe
The access to the subway ( Hibiya line, exit 3) is just outside the station with Showa_Dori Exit.
Akihabara Electric Town exitTo reach the "electric city" follow the signs "Akihabara Electric Town Exit" and turn left. The atmosphere is given from the first steps.

Do not hesitate to use the station lockers - inside or outside - for a light walk.

Finally, if you are doing some shopping in the ATRE shopping center adjacent to the train station, a direct connection to the third floor allows access to the platforms.
One famous Akihabara cafe
Transfer With the numerous staircases between the levels it is easy to change platforms following the signage indicating the number of the dock and the destination that one wishes to reach.

As the panels are based on the color of the line it will be easier if you know the color of your line.

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