Covid-19: How to cancel my trip to Japan

Information on how to request a cancellation for your order


Article updated on 05/02/2021

We are currently faced with an unprecedented international situation and are forced to postpone travel plans until the borders with Japan are reopened.

Our top priority today is the protection and health of our customers and our team.

We have been assisting our customers since the start of the epidemic and we are closely monitoring the evolving situation. We have processed thousands of refunds, issued a large number of credit notes and continue to support our clients during this difficult period.

CANCELLATION and refund of your order

For all travelers who wish to cancel their order and get a refund, cancellation fees apply.

For more information on the cancellation conditions by product, please consult the following link: Covid cancellation Policies and Fees by Product


How to get a refund?

For products that you have received by post, you must return your ordered items to one of our offices by respecting the deadlines and deadlines specific to each product (the postmark being taken as proof).

A list of our worldwide offices can be found here: please email our customer service team.

For products and services confirmed to you by email, namely Japan Rail East Pass Tohoku and Nagano-Niigata, Pocket Wifi rentals and Yasaka airport transfers, please email our customer service team.

Please note, deadlines must be respected. If the cancellation occurs outside of these deadlines, we will not be able to refund or provide a credit note:

japan experience officEs

In response to the situation and to ensure the safety of customers and staff, our stores remain closed to the public until further notice. However, our team remains at your disposal by phone or by email at the following address: contact@japan-experience.com.

Despite lockdown our agents are still collecting returns from our offices. To avoid delays with your refunds please return the vouchers at your earliest convenience.

Office locations available in here:https://www.japan-rail-pass.com/about-us/contact

We thank you in advance for your understanding in this exceptional situation and we remain at your disposal for any further information.

While we wait to be able to explore Japan again, we continue to work on new products and content and we look forward to sharing them with you soon! As soon as you have the opportunity to travel again, we will be happy to assist you with your trip to Japan.


Did you receive a Japan Experience credit note? Here's how to use it!

When to use your credit note?

When deciding to travel to Japan and using your credit note, please make sure you take note of the official recommendations. Japan's borders are currently closed and the Japanese government has not made an official statement on when they will reopen the country to international tourism.

While it is currently impossible for nationals of many countries to travel to Japan, it is possible to envisage a gradual reopening of Japanese borders in 2021.

Japan Experience recommends that customers wait for an official announcement from the Japanese government and the start of Japan's reopening before considering any travel postponement or using the credit note you have received from us.

Official travel advice links :

  • Japan National Tourism Organization
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan
  • World Health Organization Travel Advice
  • Australian Government Smart Traveller
  • Government of Canada Travel Advice
  • New Zealand Government Safe Travel
  • UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice
  • US Travel Department of State Travel Advice


For products and services (Japan Rail Pass, Sim Cards, Pocket Wifi, Suica / Pasmo Cards, Airport Transfers, Activity Reservation and Car Rental).

The expiry date for making a new booking using a credit note has been extended to the 30th April 2022. Please note that adequate alternatives will be provided if the situation in Japan has not improved by then.

When you decide to use your credit note, please contact us by email at contact@japan-experience.com, including the following information:
  • Your first name / surname and your order number
  • Please attached the credit note (PDF format) that you received when canceling your order
  • The details of the order you wish to place: product names and the amount


If the amount of your new order is greater than the amount of the credit note, you will need to pay the difference.

If the amount of your new order is less than the amount of the credit note, you have the option to add products or services. Guided tours, activities, car rental, internet access, or Japan Rail Pass, there are many products available that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable!

Do not want to use the remaining amount on the credit note? If you would prefer a refund for the remaining amount of the credit note, please note only a maximum of 10% of the total amount of your credit note can be refunded.

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Covid-19: How to cancel my trip to Japan

Information on how to request a cancellation for your order
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