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Liliia G. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

Very good and fast support service.(in case of extraordinary situations) and very patient staff. Fast voucher delivery. High quality, new portable wi-fi systems. Plain instructions. Convenient system of returning wi-fi systems.

David G. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

Brilliant service extremely speedy and efficient and very easy to use! Most importantly the staff are very friendly and welcoming! A great impression of japan

Natasha R. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

It was easy to use this pass. It saved us money in our trip. The delivery was ok and fast

Nicholas J. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

easy use pass -pickup point easy to find, staff polite. Great way to get around !!! Highly recommended

PAK HO C. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

Convenient and good value if plan to travel long distance within Japan and between Narita airport and Tokyo

Ann-Marie N. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

Easy to use and everything worked well!

ping Z. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

Very good.

Mathias J. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5


Marcin Wieslaw W. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

Everything was fine

David K. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

It was easy to order and was a great value

Peter N. - Jan 27 2020 - 4/5

The rail pass should cover more train alternatives going south from Tokyo. We were in trouble many times because we did not understand what the limits were.

Anne G. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5


Matthew E. - Jan 27 2020 - 4/5

Staff was extremely helpful and accommodating with assisting us with the voucher redemption process. English speaking personnel were available if needed. The experience was very efficient and I enjoyed my trip to Hakone.

Edgar S. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

The experience with the JRP was great, the attention of all the staff is gratifying.

Tom J. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

Could not have been easier to book or use.

Ravi L. - Jan 27 2020 - 4/5

Great option for travelers visiting the country! We learned this along the way, but it would have been good to know beforehand that the real value in this pass comes from the lengthy trips across the country. If one is planning on staying in just Tokyo for example, it's cheaper to just load a Suica

Dieter C. - Jan 27 2020 - 5/5

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Russell L. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

Easy and fast. A good price, too.

Chris L. - Jan 26 2020 - 4/5

It was pretty easy to schedule the trains and I got my moneys worth.

Kenneth S. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

Pass is easy to use, and saves a great deal of money compared to purchasing separate train tickets while in Japan.

William C. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

Bought JR rail pass and pocket wi-fi through Japan Experience and it is always there waiting for me in Japan without fail. Orders have been processed quickly and will continue using your service for my trips to Japan.

Nina C. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

With JapanRail it is so easy to travel throughout Japan. The service is on the whole excellent! I liked receiving a good map of Tokyo and Kyoto when I bought my Rail Pass. Thank you for good and punctual service.

Aldona G. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

Transaction and communication with the company has been smooth and efficient.

Marco B. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

was a really great service! well done

Emanuella E. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

The pass was very convenient and JR staff were very helpful.

Matthew L. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

We had an amazing time in Japan as a whole, it was one of our favorite trips and we have already started talking about coming back. On our next trip we will take better advantage of the JR Pass and use the Shinkansen more than we did this time. The entire experience was perfect.

Sarah M. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

It was easy to buy, easy to activate, and easy to use. It got us every where wanted to go in Japan.

Peter H. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

Seamless purchase and use.

Alex P. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

The ticket was easy to order, and it was promptly delivered to my home with no issue. I had a great time in Japan using the rail pass.

Shannon A. - Jan 26 2020 - 5/5

The website was very easy to use, and with prior research, everything made sense. We were able to get 3 of our major necessities all in one order. Our JR pass, pocket wifi, and our suica cards were all shipped via FedEx, and got our items very quickly! We had no problems!! Highly recommend!

Miriam N. - Jan 26 2020 - 4/5

It's a pity the pass does not include the shinkansen.

Albert T. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

The woman, who assisted us is very kind and has a lot of experience with Japan, so she was able to give us good advice. The booking of the JR-Pass and Suica Cards very very uncomplicated and everything seemed very professional.

Vincent M. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Having the opportunity to purchase Suica cards beforehand is immensely useful. JR exchange voucher instructions were easy to understand.

Darla T. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Ordering and using the Japan Rail pass was so simple. It is a great value if you are traveling to several cities in Japan.

Romelia M. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Very easy to buy\nThe price pass worth every dollar\nEasy to activate and use

Brian H. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Loved the Japan Rail Pass. Made it incredibly convenient to book tickets and move around the country. Adding a mobile booking option would make the pass even more useful.

Tyler B. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

I highly recommend the Japan Rail Pass. It helped us save a lot of money while traveling and the JR Trains are very clean and fast, with many time options.

Meghann D. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

The rail pass was very convenient. I really liked I could use the Nagano pass on non-consecutive days. It would be nice to have the option of a digital pass. Thanks!

Ilan K. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Perfect service and great trip. Strongly recommend japan-rail 👍

Tony Y. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Very efficient service, I wish you also have children Suica card for sale and not just adults card

STEFFI C. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

It's very useful when traveling around the country. However, it would be better if the passes didn't have to be completed by hand.

Joanne S. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

We could not have done the trip without it. Thank you.

David B. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Very quick delivery and no issues at all using it.

Sol N. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Would definitely buy again if we plan to use it for it's worth! From our experience, reserving seats were easy, but hard to come by empty seats if you're booking hours before. For the tourist, I highly recommend just arrive early and wait in line for the unreserved cars, many more options. 5 STARS!

Jordan Z. - Jan 25 2020 - 5/5

Loved the rail pass! So easy to buy. Super easy to activate and makes traveling around the country so easy and effective! Thanks!

Norine S. - Jan 24 2020 - 4/5

I loved the Japan rail pass only problem when we went to make reservations the person booked us on the wrong train. She knew we were vistors and put us on the slower train. Being a visitor we didn't pick up on it. We had friends waiting for us and they were not happy.

Mirjana G. - Jan 24 2020 - 5/5

fast delivery of tickets, clear instructions, great eficiency

Georgi M. - Jan 24 2020 - 5/5

Perfect service.

Shreyosi K. - Jan 24 2020 - 5/5

I had an excellent travel experience with Japan railways, especially the shinkansen travel was hassle free, smooth and fast. Seat reservation and dedicated platforms were a boon for tourists with luggage. I enjoyed each moment of other train journeys through towns and villages too. Thank you.

Goncalo Nuno R. - Jan 24 2020 - 5/5

The staff was helpful in explaining the product upon delivery (in Berlin). Also the fact that I could buy the Pasmo pass and the SIM card was very helpful. The rail pass itself was ok from a price perspective when compared with buying locally (only compensates for Shinkansen trips).

4,8 / 5
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