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Laura R. - Mar 31 2020 - 4/5

My purse, which contained my rail pass, was stolen the second day in Japan. I was an hour away from my hotel at the time and had no way to return. I wish there was a way to look up rail passes or have them replaced.

Jonah N. - Mar 31 2020 - 5/5

Very helpful on my trip, thank you very much!

Adrienne M. - Mar 31 2020 - 5/5

The seller agents were very helpful and knowledgable. The pass was super easy to use!

Grazyna P. - Mar 31 2020 - 5/5

The pass was easy to use, I would highly recommend for everyone to purchase when travel to Japan.

Robyn C. - Mar 30 2020 - 4/5

It w as easy to obtain the pass and in Japan it was easy to change over to active pass with clear instructions. There were queues often to get the passes however.

Jason G. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

Amazing value! Amazing convenience! A must have for visiting Japan!

Terry B. - Mar 30 2020 - 4/5

Too expensive

TIZIANA M. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

It is very easy to use the JPR

Peter F. - Mar 30 2020 - 4/5

No hassles with ticketing, although there was a delay at the beginning of trip when getting issued with actual pass at the office at Narita Airport. Creating account for free Wifi when traveling on JR East trains was highly problematic.

CHRISTOPHER K. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

JR Pass is great. The seller replied promptly when I emailed about concerns. No problems experienced with seller or the pass. Temporary SIM card also worked great when used with a newer phone. Thank you!

SARA W. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

Very good.....wonderful trains and very clean and efficient. many thanks

GREIG T. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

One of the most useful, convenient and economical things I have ever come across. My Step Son and I traveled up and down Japan for two weeks, taking the Shinkansen numerous times. The money we would have spent buying tickets each time far exceeded the cost of the Pass (three fold at least).

Ellen Z. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

Very fast and easy to use

Yoko H. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, I postponed the trip to May and this could get postponed again depends on what the government orders at that time.\nI give you 5 stars or it won’t let me close the page. The reason it’s 5 stars is because I have no right to give you any lower grade feedback. Thank you.

melissa M. - Mar 29 2020 - 4/5

Love the flexibility of reserving in advance but would also like to make it easier to use if it were like the IC cards so we can tap and go.

Hans Dietmar S. - Mar 29 2020 - 4/5

It would be useful to get a confirmation that the returned device has been properly received.

Timothy S. - Mar 29 2020 - 5/5

The rail pass was simple and easy to use

BENGT H. - Mar 29 2020 - 4/5

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Audrey B. - Mar 29 2020 - 5/5

This is our second trip to Japan using the rail pass. We travelled through the whole country with ease and using Google maps. This is an amazing service for people!

R C. - Mar 29 2020 - 5/5

The pass was easy to use, although took a while to collect because of how many people were picking them up - but they shows how popular it is. Thwre was a good selection of services to use it on, and being able to use it on certain bullet trains was very nice

victoria B. - Mar 29 2020 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass is very efficient in Japan and very organized. Every employee is willing to help\nI am very surprised compare to other countries

Mikael T. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

It is very easy to use and the JR personal are very helpful.

Shirley F. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

We have used this on two trips. Great service. Rail staff are extremely helpful especially as you don't know where to go at stations ehich5are bewildering to us.

Kerstin R. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

The trains were clean and comfortable. There were plenty of charging points.\nStaff were helpful. \nThe countryside was beautiful. \nThe bento boxes good. \nI loved it.

Julie C. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

All the guidance was in English on line so information was easy to understand. There were plenty of options of passes to choose from. The help at the JR service centre at Narita airport was excellent. People sorted our pass and tickets swiftly and they were very friendly. Thank you

Mark S. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5


Jeffrey H. - Mar 28 2020 - 4/5

Train was very clean and pass was emailed to me in Australia, then verified in Narita and pass issued. Tickets and platform information was accurate, we had no problem finding our seats.

Paul N. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

We had an amazing time and were so grateful to have our Japan Rail Pass. With the instruction booklet the process was easy to follow and it was very easy for us to travel back and forth to our desired destinations.

Pavla M. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

was great\nvery easy to use\npeople extremely nice\nwould be great to get also a cover for the pass not to have it damaged in 2 weeks

Ernesto H. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass was excellent especially Fort first timer that visited Japan. It made it very convenient and easy to get around Japan. There’s also Help in most.of the train station.. Excellent experiences.

Mykyta C. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

This is the must have on long trips. I used JR lines and Shinkansen non-stop and was completely satisfied with the way how this works.

Danlin Y. - Mar 28 2020 - 4/5

Very good experience. Site was clear, and the passes arrived on time. Instructions were clear on activation.\n\nThe only improvement would have been to be able to activate them prior to arriving in Japan. \n\nThe passes themselves are incredible, would we buy them again on our next trip to Japan.

Philip M. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

Very easy to use, great for taking many trips out to different cities in Japan. I will get JR pass again for my next trip.

Zachary V. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

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Nathan B. - Mar 28 2020 - 5/5

It was fantastic to use especially since I was travelling all over Japan. It would be better if it could extend to more public transport options, but I understand why that maybe can't be the case.

RENATO C. - Mar 27 2020 - 4/5


Antony B. - Mar 27 2020 - 5/5

Excellent. The best way to get around Japan.\nOur rail experience was exceptional. From the booking of tickets to the train ride itself.

Rodney S. - Mar 27 2020 - 5/5

Prompt service and delivery for pass and ***.

Klaus F. - Mar 27 2020 - 5/5

The pass worked well. In addition we used a Tokyo pass PISMO - easy to use.

Connor M. - Mar 27 2020 - 5/5

It was really easy, and well worth the money

Yukie S. - Mar 27 2020 - 5/5

I usually purchase a green car pass and love it.

Mjumbe P. - Mar 27 2020 - 5/5

It was by far the most cost effective way to get to all our places. Any time we used the passes, the process was seamless. All the staff knew exactly what to do.\n\nA digital solution might be good -- maybe something on my phone. One less thing to keep track of. But the paper process was adequate.

Shashwath K. - Mar 27 2020 - 5/5

It was very useful, and made traveling along the country seamless.

Anthony K. - Mar 26 2020 - 5/5

Outstanding company- we loved using the Japan Rail pass during our vacation in Japan.

Nolan P. - Mar 26 2020 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass sold by Japan Experience was amazing. Easy to order, quick shipping, and once in Japan it was very easy to use. Offered me nearly unlimited access on Japan's many longer distance trains with ease. If you are planning on traveling to multiple cities in Japan, get this rail pass.

JENNA L. - Mar 26 2020 - 5/5

Very easy to get around. And makes it much more affordable to travel the beautiful country of Japan.

Engin T. - Mar 26 2020 - 5/5

Everything worked perfectly as promised. I did not have any problems while using the Japan Rail Pass. I think I made a good choice of buying the pass from Japan Experience. I definitely recommend this service.

Julian K. - Mar 26 2020 - 4/5

We had to cancel out trip due to Covid-19 and to refund out Rail Pass. Unfortunately - unlike all other companies in the travel Industry - the regular refund charge of 15% was charged. Would have loved to book again next year but maybe we have to look for another offer which is better with refunds.

Dmitrii T. - Mar 26 2020 - 4/5

No problems with getting ***.

David D. - Mar 26 2020 - 5/5

The JR pass was extremely helpful and I would suggest every visitor to Japan get it as well as a pocket WIFI device.

4,8 / 5
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