Japan Experience

Far more than just a trip

what does 'Japan Experience' mean?

This name expresses the travel agency's specific aim: to meet the expectations of today's new travelers, who want to go to Japan for more than just a visit: to discover the country, meet its inhabitants, get to know another culture, and experience another way of life. We want to make the journey 'not just a product of the tourist industry, but a moment in life that's unique, irreplaceable and precious' (Claude Saulière, Chairman of Japan Experience).

House rental, an exclusive service from Japan Experience

Japan Experience offers house rentals, which gives travelers the opportunity to live in Japanese style in a traditional house. This affordable option is ideal for families and allows travelers to feel at home in the heart of Kyoto or Tokyo, in typical neighbourhoods. Launched in 2007, our house rentals were an immediate success: to date, around 5 000 people have tried and loved this service.

In addition, for a journey in total safety, Japan Experience has created the Travel Angels, 'guardian angels' who take care of welcoming, assisting and advising travelers throughout their stay in their rented house. They are either Japanese or Western people living in Japan, and have been chosen by Japan Experience for their courtesy, kindness, culture, willingness to help and common sense. Like a friend, a Travel Angel is available to answer travelers' questions throughout their stay.

It is often frustrating for travelers to have to settle for visiting tourist attractions, without being able to directly experience the culture of the country, or really be able to share things with its inhabitants. That's why Japan Experience offers tenants in Japanese houses the chance to take part in special activities, if and when they wish and with no obligation. These activities allow travelers to know the country better, to meet its inhabitants, and discover it not just with their eyes but with all their other senses too: taste, hearing, touch and smell.

Other offers from Japan Experience

Since it was founded, Japan Experience has offered travelers services to suit all tastes:

  • Individual or custom tours 
  • Japan Rail Pass at the lowest price 
  • plane tickets 
  • hotel and ryokan bookings 
  • seats for sports and cultural events 
  • car rental with English GPS system 

Claude Saulière, Chairman and Founder

'Discovering a country, especially Japan, so comparable to ours and yet so different, does not just mean looking at how people lived three centuries ago, but how they live today, their daily life. To do this, you need to be able to stroll around, observe things, meet people, lose yourself...'
Claude Saulière, age 70, founded Japan Experience and has run it since 1981.

figures in 2012

Turnover of 7 million euros
Staff of 10 in Paris and Kyoto
10 500 travelers

key dates

1981: Creation of 'Carrefour Japon'
1990: 1st French travel agency offering trips to Japan
1991: 'Carrefour Japon' becomes 'Voyageurs au Japon'
1996: 'Voyageurs au Japon' separates from the 'Voyageurs du Monde' group
2006: House lets launched under the 'Japan Experience' brand
2011: 'Voyageurs au Japon' becomes 'Japan Experience'